The Challenge

Going back to the beginning of time, mankind has tried to understand planet earth and outer space. As technology has progressed, an increasing amount of observation and quantification is available for the depths of space.

However, the analytical/calculation abilities have unfortunately stalled out. Varying theories have progressed over time as to the true shape and dimensions of the earth and other planets and celestial objects. The shape of the earth has been calculated with various assumed geometries from sphere to a rotational ellipsoid to a geoid. However, the assumptions, estimations and approximations that are used by traditional methods make them incapable of giving true determinations. The effects of these errors in calculations can range from inconvenient to catastrophic. One such example would be crashing a space probe due to an incorrectly calculated position and geometry of a planet. 

OI Core Technology does not need to utilize any assumptions/estimations or approximations. Because of this, a central perspective and geometric structure is now available in any data set via OI Core Technology. With this ability, Inora evaluated scan data from the university of Munich (originally collected by NASA) and evaluated it. There was scan data available for Earth as well as Mars. Letting OI Core Technology deterministically point to the correct shape and size of the planets based on scan data. See results/values below.


Customer Benefits

By utilizing OI Core Technology when evaluating planetary or space data, you can have true confidence in the provided results. This can save millions of dollars before executing missions that are reliant on having accurate and reliable data and calculations to avoid catastrophic mission failure caused by uncertain analysis that relies on assumptions, estimations and approximations. 

OI Core Technology Planetary Scan Data Evaluations

These Are Inora’s Results


Shape: True (Non-Rotational) Ellipsoid Radius Dimensions (In Meters):

A 6373144.61068839

B 6377943.47355727

C 6357481.28927877


Shape: True (Non-Rotational) Ellipsoid Radius Dimensions (In Meters):

A 3395601.53122701

B 3394265.06780772

C 3376900.21594205

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