Creating A Path To Certainty In Data Analytics

We Are Numerical Certainty

Inora’s vision is to help create a world that is optimally efficient and numerically certain in all digital processes by eliminating the inefficiencies and casualties of numerical uncertainty. 

Inora works toward this vision by providing numerically certain OI Core Technology products and services to any/all industries.

“INORA” is an acronym that stands for “INstitute for Optimization, Regulation, and Adjustment”, which refer to the underpinnings of OI Core Technology.

Inora Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Ingobert Schmadel in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA. The mission of the company was and continues to be the application of OI Core Technology to industry. The Inora team brings a background in geodetics (GIS), software development, manufacturing and engineering.

Along the way Inora developed OI Core Technology powered products in the manufacturing sector. Now Inora has emerged from R&D mode to offer OI Core Technology for universal application in industry and science.

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