The Challenge

Counterintuitively, the OmniGap was developed after the WiseGap system from Inora. Prospective customers who didn’t need the full, comprehensive, multi-sensor capabilities that the WiseGap offers requested a single sensor solution for quick spot-check measurements with minimal setup time.

Of course, just like WiseGap, the solution needed to be provide advantages over clumsy manual methods such as feeler gauges, friction blocks or even clay/calipers. 

OmniGap was created using the same OI Core Technology for calibration of its sensor for numerically certain results. The same proven sensor hardware from WiseGap was utilized as well but paired with a durable, minimalistic handheld unit with a digital display. 

This provides an easier point of entry that still allows customers to level up their gap measurement capabilities and in many cases move from handwritten reporting to digital data capture. 

An extra adapter was also later added for the OmniGap that allows users to measure even tighter gaps with one sensor placement. Historically, these gaps had to be iteratively measured and approximated using feeler gauges, saving time and improving measurement accuracy.


Applications Of Handheld Gap Measurement

From various industries, to different applications within them, OmniGap is a flexible tool for gap measurement and dimensional validation. Here are some selected applications:

All Stages Of Automotive Production

Quick Spot Check Measurements

Infrequent Gap Measurement Checks

Heavy Industry

Check And Set Gaps Between Rollers

Steel Mills, etc.


Temperature Invariant Sensors to Check Gaps In Fridge/Oven

Custom Adapters To Measure Various Appliance Gaps

OmniGap Benefits

OmniGap Is Powered By OI Core Technology Supported By Precision Hardware

Identify And Resolve Launch Issues

Diagnose And Eliminate Poor Closure Fit That Causes Automotive Wind Noise / Water Leakage

Measure Smaller Gaps

By Using Adapters (Custom Adapters By Request) You Can Measure Gaps Smaller Than The 5mm Limit Of The Standard Sensor

Entry Level Gap Measurement Technology

Get The Precision And Measurement Technology From The Inora WiseGap Bundled Into An Entry Level Bundle

Temperature Invariant Precision:

Absolute Numerical Accuracy Powered By Inora’s Core Technology

Customer Success Stories

Quick Infrequent Spot Check Gap Measurements By Automotive Tier Supplier

An automotive tier supplier would receive a partial vehicle body every time one of their OEM customers launched a new car. 

While an OEM challenged the quality of the tier supplier’s components, the supplier felt confident their parts were within tolerance but had no way to objectively prove this. 

After implementing OmniGap, the tier supplier was able to quickly measure all closures (e.g. doors, liftgate) to tell the OEM that the sample vehicle bodies they received were out of specification. This gave an objective way to show that the dimensional issue was from the vehicle bodies and not coming from the tier supplier’s parts. Ultimately this saved the tier supplier unnecessary scrap and/or concessions. 

Measure Single Gaps With Certainty