The Challenge

Martial arts involve traditions and techniques that have been passed from teacher to student for many generations. Depending on the discipline of martial art, movements may be derived from triangulation, linear, or circular movements. 

After learning about the geometrical aspects of OI Core Technology, a martial arts master became interested in applying the geometry and numeric approach of OI into his martial arts practice.

By using cameras to collect data and process it with OI Core Technology, the martial arts master was able to use the knowledge and skills that he already had and carefully modify positions and movements to their ideal state. 

Within the discipline, the ideal state or equilibrium shape (Inner Reference) is systematically targeted and maintained at all times. The goal is for movements to move from equilibrium back to equilibrium. Not only does this provide perfect balance, but also peak performance for user input and outward effectiveness. 

Here is one example of things numerically determined for the pose seen in the above image:  

  • WCMP (Wing Chun Main Point) is the position of the rear hand in front of the body axis. This defines the rotational axis for turns. 
  • WCS (Wing Chun Shape) is the simultaneous movement of the rear hand and the forehand along the equilibrium line of action A by the sum of A-E. 
  • WCHZ (Wing Chun Hazard Zone) is the distance from WCMP to the body axis (BA). Attacking energies can only be encountered by a specific Wing Chun vortex. 
  • The “golden ratio” is defined by axis proportion of the rear hand in the center and the forehand within the focal point. As such, all other positions are mathematically defined and optimized. 

This new blend of martial arts and science is formulated to elevate traditional martial arts to a completely new level. 

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Customer Benefits

By implementing OI knowledge based martial arts and athletic training practices, without any prerequisites, very basic techniques can be used to achieve balanced accuracy in posture and motion. This also immediately builds confidence in an elevated/accelerated manner compared to traditional martial arts and athletic training. 

Users gain a unique, higher level of martial arts abilities. Even outside of martial arts and athletic training, anyone who wants to improve their posture or range of motion can do so by applying the knowledge from OI to achieve perfect balance.  Once a sense of motion in this scientifically determined ideal/perfect balance is developed, anyone can move in an exponentially more efficient and powerful manner. Ultimately, this promotes well being through geometric accuracy in posture and motion. 

Take Control Of Your Athletic Training And Movements With OI Core Technology