The Challenge

Many ways of diagnosing illness, medical conditions and status necessitate multiple visits to a doctor’s office with multiple tests that have multiple day turnaround times. Even the analytical devices that exist are often unreliable (uncertain) and require a follow-up test to confirm the results. 

Using only minimal hardware that provides electrical signals for blood analysis, Inora was tasked to use data from different analysis methods (serological and molecular). While the given device was more than proficient at collecting and sequencing blood samples, the resulting results still provided some “false negative” and “false positive” results. 

Inora Applied OI Core Technology to the analysis process of the given blood data collection device. 

This provided results that were numerically certain and provided absolute results for the analysis. The indicators were for various diseases and biomarkers and could also determine immunity and vaccination status.


Customer Benefits

By applying OI Core Technology to blood analysis, instant results are delivered an initial blood test panel using only a drop of blood or two. More importantly though, OI Core Technology gives numerical certainty in the results, avoiding unnecessary panic from a “false positive” and the even more deadly “false negative” where uncertain technology would not detect an issue when there was one. 

This analytical technology can be implemented in a variety of medical devices and does not require highly sophisticated processing power or laboratory equipment. 

Take Control Of Your Medical Data Evaluation With OI Core Technology