The Challenge

The foundation of current autonomous technologies is primarily derived from machine learning and fitting algorithms. Other underlying components are assumptions, estimations, alignments and approximations, which create fuzziness and ultimately, uncertain solutions. For autonomous solutions in particular, these methods do not provide a sustainable base to cope with real world conditions and challenges. The lack of quality/accuracy control for “training” data and assumed best fit / rule based decision making without the ability to understand the ideal condition in any situations/circumstance is a grave problem for autonomous solutions and bears many serious risks.

OI Core Technology does not need to utilize any assumptions, estimations, alignments or approximations. The foundation of OI is built on holistic, numerically validated matrix calculations. This allows for the determination of the absolutely ideal condition in every instant of time, especially in real world or unexpected situations. 

OI can also be used to determine whether a given functional model is sufficient or in need of improvement on the modeling side.

Instead of extensive “training”, much like a human being, OI only requires one time definition of objects/behaviors to recognize them in various conditions and in any arbitrary spatial location. The OI Inner Reference is the numerical equivalent to the balanced state of mind a human being uses to reliably recognize things. For instance, a human is not required to be “trained” on thousands of STOP signs to accurately recognize them.


Customer Benefits

By far the biggest benefit of implementing OI Core Technology in autonomous solutions is the reliability, certainty and peace of mind it provides. It is our belief that only a software technology that is based on 100% instant numerical validation can be trusted for autonomous purposes to avoid serious risks and problems. 

OI’s absolute geometrically structured numerical approach enables autonomous software structures to be designed and created in an elegant, transparent, comprehensive, understandable, efficient, and least hardware-intensive method. 

Depending on your unique solution, other benefits may apply. Please get in touch with Inora to schedule your consultation.

Take Control Of Your Autonomous Systems By Replacing AI/ML Modules With OI Core Technology Modules