The Challenge

Pre-existing door closing speed measuring devices are very subjective to operator skill and setup and ultimately provide single snapshot uncertain values. An OEM asked Inora to develop a solution that minimized operator influence and would provide numerically certain values that could be relied upon to adjust door setup conditions and monitor door closing quality in-line using tolerances established during R&D / Design. 

OmniSlam was developed using OI Core Technology and also using existing WiseGap sensor hardware technology. The system provides numerical certainty in monitoring the most critical portion of the door closing process – the final few seconds as the door makes contact and the closing systems engage.

Users are provided multiple metrics with accuracy statements to make the process as objective as possible, instead of providing a single, numerically uncertain value to try and improve doors and/or root cause issues from.

OmniSlam is also designed to be initially implemented to take a sampling from multiple vehicles to establish a “baseline” data set. Once established, this baseline can be used to make reliable pass/fail decisions for inline testing. If a door would fail, OmniSlam can also provide root cause indications to begin targeting.


Applications Of Door Closing Effort Analysis

From initial vehicle design and development to inline quality monitoring, OmniSlam provides objectivity, more information and reliability. 

Vehicle R&D

Test Effects Of Different Configurations And Variables

Establish Baseline Tolerances To Be Used For Inline Pass/Fail Checks

Inline Quality Control

Apply Tolerances Established By Engineering

Take 2-3 Closings Per Door And Get An Absolute Pass/Fail Result With Root Cause Indictaions

OmniSlam Customer Benefits

OmniSlam Is Powered By OICT Supported By Precision Hardware

Objectivity & Repeatability

Inora Technologies developed OmniSlam utilizing its Organic Intelligence Core Technology, to mitigate operator influence and variability in the door closing analysis process for automotive OEMs.

Simple Setup

A small sensor is placed near the striker. The sensor is connected by USB to a laptop or tablet running the OmniSlam software. Users can perform self calibration of the sensor at any time.

Only Door Closing System with Absolute/Certain Values

OmniSlam provides numerical data certainty, root cause indications, and trends. These absolute results provide a clear understanding of the door closing process, where traditional methods only give a single, uncertain value.

Consistency from R&D Downstream

The OmniSlam can be used when developing a new vehicle to test the closing behavior in multiple conditions. The tolerances established in R&D can be applied to later testing phases and the same sensor and tolerances can be used for simple inline pass/fail decisions.

Customer Success Stories

Testing By Premium German OEM 

By Intentionally Manipulating Door Closing System Components (e.g., moving striker position, different seal materials, etc.) the OEM was able to see what effect different variables and setups had on door closing behavior and metrics. They were able to get values previously unavailable to quantify the door closing process/behavior. 

Control Your Door Closing Effort Analysis/Improvement With OmniSlam