We Are Organic Intelligence*

The First and Only Universal, Numerically Balanced Platform Organic Intelligence (OI) Core Technology.

Inora licenses OI software technology that allows you to determine the absolute structure and ideal condition in everything.

In solutions that require estimations and assumptions, an absolute structure cannot be determined. The problem with these fuzzy logic solutions is that the numerical result is never better than a “best guess”. 

OI Core Technology is a capsulated ANSI C program that unlocks the ability to Numerically Balance any data set / point cloud in any dimension, with absolute certainty, in real time. This unlocks the true center and geometrical structure of any data set without  prior knowledge. The center point is the key to analyze data with true objective accuracy, always applying a central perspective. 

Perfect Balance is represented by Perfect Numerical Results.

Applied OI allows you to eliminate the uncertainty of traditional/current “best guess” methods. The true potential/efficiency of a process can only be determined by applying Numerical Certainty, avoiding critical mistakes and costly inefficiencies

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*Intelligence is Drawing Conclusions 
from Knowledge and Tools

OI Core Technology Manufacturing Application Solutions


Take Control Of Your Inline/Offline Measurement With Certainty


Take Control Of Your 3D Metrology And CNC Machining Equipment With Certainty


Wirelessly Measure Multiple Gaps With Certainty


Measure Single Gaps With Certainty


Control Your Door Closing Effort Analysis/Improvement With Certainty

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