What Is Numerical Balancing?

Descriptively, Numerical Balancing is the process of taking any numerical input data in matrix form, calculating it’s corresponding inverse matrix and assuring through the combinatorial procedure that the resulting entity matrix has been determined with absolute Numerical Certainty.

The scientific discovery that all resulting balance points, which are the fulcrum points between input and inverse data points, always form a perfect/ideal geometry (hyper-ellipsoid) constitutes the NEW universal knowledge that an ideal condition can be determined in anything.

We refer to this ideal condition as the Inner Reference.

Since the Inner Reference is a perfect geometric shape it has no residuals and by definition is a True Value. It also defines the absolute center point of any point cloud.

Why Should You Care?

Current data analysis approaches do not provide the accurate geometric structure necessary to determine the knowledge that is hidden in any point cloud with certainty. Unfortunately, despite promising marketing claims, the underpinnings of these methods are non-holistic and bound to directional analysis perspectives. This means the same data set can produce multiple, uncertain analysis results. The consequential costs and potential risks associated with the constant uncertainty and varying inefficiency of current digital data analysis processes cannot be reliably known without an accurate geometric structure.

With OI Core Technology, there is only ONE objective data analysis result for One specific raw data set. Certainty in digital process control is the key to saving time, material and money truly and reliably.

OI gives you access to a perfect geometric structure which gives values and corrections for process control. Numerical Balancing by OI provides a universal, holistic and central perspective (based on finding the one absolute center point). A true and unique ideal condition (called the Inner Reference) is now determined in any data set. Consequently, the guessing game comes to an end with this irreplaceable prerequisite. Numerical Balancing gives an absolute roadmap to control and correct any digital process in real-time to sustainably, keeping it at its highest efficiency and performance. Numerical balancing provides absolute values, which equals trust.

How Does Inora Use Numerical Balancing To Help You?

Through the Inner Reference and center point, you don’t have to suffer the effects of estimations, assumptions, alignments (physical and/or mathematical) and approximations that traditional analysis methods require. Now, you can make unbiased comparisons, understand and execute accurate decision making and optimization of anything towards its ideal behavior in real time.

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